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Satisfying customers' needs, achieving growth targets to increase company value and providing the market with a suitable response: Tancrad has been committed to creating ongoing progress according to these principles since 1995.

1995 - The company started by marketing siderurgical products, preoccupied on a permanent basis to broaden its market. As the result of this activity , it became authorized distributor of the company ARCELOR MITTAL STEEL.

2000 - Opening of a branch in Timisoara, through which it started to market structural material and industrial products.

2003 - The company got also involved in siderurgical repairs, by executing a wide range of mending works on the siderurgical platform ARCELOR MITTAL STEEL (reparation of furnances, rolling mills, steel works, coking plants/ovens).
The company started to substantially involve in the construction and maintenance of road sections, national, county and local roads, encompassing pavement and asphalt laying, road markings, resurfacing works.

2004 - The company obtained a grant within PHARE-RICOP2 program, concerning the project 'Development of the Technical and Material Equipment - Acquisition of equipment for construction and road rehabilitation works'. The equipment purchased as part of the project, as well as by using company's own financial resources, allowed the extension of the company's activity in the field of road works with the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the roads through the execution of blading, resurfacing, patching, removal and replacement of failure areas and road markings.

2005 - The necessity to fulfill works accordingly EU requests determined company to acquire highly effective equipments and adequate technologies. 21 new machines (asphalt milling machines, road pavers/finishers, rollers and dump trucks) had been acquired from leading manufacturers.

2006 - Purchase of the Asphalt mixing plant AMMANN type Global 160 and establishment of a testing laboratory (grade II) for asphalt mixtures through the investment project 'Development of the Production Capacity for Road Construction Works'. This lead to the increase in productivity , reduction of operating costs and execution time, key elements in achieving our goals and becoming a successful contractor in the road construction business.

2007 - 2008 - Investing in advanced technology and equipment and specialized staff lead to the widening of the range of executed works and of their quality lead to the strengthening of the company's position on the specific market segment (constructions and road repairs).

2009 - A new BENNINGHOVEN MBA 2500 asphalt plant was acquired and made functional, with a capacity of 200 tones/hour , mobility being its major advantage. T ogether with the special equipment which will ensure the operation of the plant and which can be easily transported, high quality asphalt works will be realized in any location, irrespective of the required mixture. Both plants can produce all the types of asphalt mixtures, regular categories as well as special ones - fiber stabilized asphaltic mixtures (MASF).
The concrete plant LIEBHERR BETOMIX 2.25 was also acquired and put into service, having a capacity of 100cm/hour and producing the entire range of concrete classes (regular concrete and concrete for roads) from the existent standards and in accordance with EU quality standards. The featured laboratory , properly equipped, ensures testing of component materials and of fresh and hardened concrete, in accordance with the quality plan and with a frequency established by regulations.

2010 - Being a mature company now , TANCRAD became capable to successfully realize a wide range of works, in the roads construction field and as well in the civil engineering field, respecting the highest quality requirements. Other important investments in new and reliable equipment for civil construction and for road maintenance have been made.

2011 - A significant number of performant machines were acquired. Some of them are listed below: Recycler/Soil stabilizer WR 2400 Compact cold recycler for recycling entire carriageway structures while adding various binding agents, such as bitumen emulsion or foamed bitumen. Its high engine power and working width of 2.40 m, which is standard worldwide, make the machine eminently suitable also for soil stabilization. Equipped with a high capacity water pump, it can be used for dry soil conditions and cement or for lime stabilization projects.

Mobile crane L TM 1095-5.1 The specific activities of the company (civil and industrial construction, works of water supply and sewerage, works of bridges, viaducts) requires the use of high capacity cranes that provide access and opportunities in confined spaces and difficult terrain. The L TM mobile cranes are the best in terms of mobility: can reach 80km / h and are very versatile due to their compact size. The five axle mobile crane L TM 1095-5.1, with its 58 m boom, offers the longest telescopic boom in its class. The 95-tonner is able to carry 15 t ballast at an axle load of 12 t and a total weight of 60 t for on-road travel.

WELDING MACHINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF ROUND AND POL YGONALE PILE CAGES POL YMASTER All pile cage machines on the market today weld automatically only round pile cages, but the new-patented system with a special flexible welding head, makes it possible to produce square, rectangular , or triangular cages for columns and beams. In order to guarantee no 'over bends' at each angle, the weld has to be very precise. This is secured through a flexible welding head and through an integrated bar support, which follows the curve of the polygonal cage easily .

2012 - After 19 years of activity , T ANCRAD reached a high level of success and strengthened its good reputation for quality and timely construction works. As in previous years, the profit earned was reinvested in top class technology to meet even the highest demands.

Horizontal drilling machine GRUNDODRILL 25N
The new GRUNDODRILL 25 N is the strongest in it's performance class currently on offer and has no comparison to any other bore unit.
The horizontal directional drilling technique (HDD) is on the way up at the moment. Crossings beneath rivers and other waters are frequently performed. The directional method even makes drillings beneath industry complexes possible. The range of application includes all pipe construction measures within the bounds of gas, district heating and drinking water supply , the installation of pressure lines for sewers as well as cable protection pipes for television or telephone cables, traffic routing systems, emergency call boxes or low , medium, high voltage and optical fibre cables.
The installation technique is extremely protective towards the environment, causing no ecological damage at all.

The key responsibility is to develop and maintain an economically sound and prosperous business. Tancrad assumes its responsibilities where we have effective control. These include our responsibilities toward the communities and environments in which we operate, toward our employees, business partners and society in general.